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Tamera Clifton

Marathon & Ultramarathon - Hammering Since: 2013

Hi, I'm Tamera, and I've been using Hammer Nutrition products since 2013, when I was training for my first Boston Marathon. My training partner recommended Recoverite after our long runs, as I'm a fitness instructor by profession, and often had to teach up to 4 classes the day after a 4-hour run. I was skeptical until I tried it and was an instant devotee. I felt great and full of energy the next day. I tried as many products as I could get my hands on after that, learning in the process that Hammer Gels are the most gentle on my stomach, and that the ingredients of Fizz are so much better than that other brand. Also that the grape fizz tastes like purple kool-aid, which is a plus on a hot day. I now use Tissue Rejuvenator, Race Day Boost, Fully Charged, HEED, and more. I love the quality of the products, that they are organic and non-gmo, and I love the people. The nutritional information I get from Hammer is so helpful - cutting edge stuff explained in an understandable way. I feel like an expert. I was a sponsored athlete with Hammer from 2015, and will be a lifelong fan and user of Hammer products. I could not run marathons and ultramarathons without the nutritional support I get from Hammer.

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