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Evan Perperis

Ultra-OCR - Hammering Since: 2015

My name is Evan “Ultra-OCR Man” Perperis and I’ve been a Hammer Nutrition athlete since 2015. Hammer has fueled my success for over 85 podium finishes in the sport of Obstacle Course Racing (OCR). Their endurance fuels like Perpetuem, Gels, Anti-Fatigue Caps have been crucial to my success whether racing or doing self created ultra charity events like 24 hr treadmill OCR, 48 hour multi lap OCR or 8 days of OCR marathons in a row in winter. I love that Hammer provides consistent performance removing another variable from racing. It’s why I’ve recommended it in my seven books on OCR and used it through the filming of my documentaries “Ultra-OCR Man” and “OCR Everest”.  Whether running OCR, training martial arts or working in my day job as an Army Special Forces Soldier, Hammer has a product for every fitness goal that is backed by science.

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