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Xobaline Testimonials

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This season has been my first time using Xobaline. A friend of mine recommended it as one of the must-try products from Hammer Nutrition. I have found a noticeable improvement in my recovery with Xobaline. I find it especially helpful in reducing the cumulative fatigue of multiple back-to-back challenging days. I recently raced the Tour of Shenandoah, a 7-stage race in the mountains of Virginia, where I used Xobaline after every stage. I managed to recover well enough between stages to claim the climber's jersey and then work for my teammate to help him win the sprint jersey. Last week I did some similarly challenging training days in the mountains, and I forgot to take Xobaline after my rides. Whoops! It took me at least 24 hours longer to recover. Now I have a sticky-note on my fridge that says "XOBALINE!" so I don't forget to take it after my tough workouts. Thanks for your excellent products! - Christoph Herby

I have been using Xobaline for many years and it's a key part of my recovery routine! It helps repair torn down red blood cells and gets me ready for the next's days racing or training. My gear bag is not complete without it! - Cameron Holland

I have used Xobaline for years and notice that my recovery time seems much easier. On the days if I have forgotten I feel more fatigued. I also like the taste of it under my tongue. - Gregg

Wow, this stuff actually seems to help, even on top of other supplements! Thanks again and keep up the great work! - Sherrill S.

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