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Whey Protein Testimonials

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I started using Hammer Whey after every gym session and intense ride this season, and have noticed a huge difference. Hammer Whey gives me the protein, glutamine and amino acids I need to recover fully from workouts, and it paid off this season with my second US National Championship win. Now I don't go a day without it. - Dean Tracy

Thank you for making WHEY Protein powder without additives. I just received my first container of the product. I have tried it and it is refreshingly free of additives, sugars, and who knows what else. I also tried the Recoverite product last year at a race. That too is now part of my kitchen cabinet. I am considering trying some of the electrolyte replacement products as the North Carolina heat of summer (which I love!) starts up. Keep up the good work and thanks again. My cross country team will surely be trying these products next season! Be well! - Susan P.

I recently added Hammer Whey Protein into my daily nutrition plan with terrific results. About four months ago, I started taking one scoop with water right before bed. I feel a significant difference in energy level, especially with my early morning workouts. I highly recommend Hammer Whey, great product! - Charlie C.

FICA 6-day Madison Champion; Whey; I like the Whey protein powder in plain and vanilla best. It mixes so well! I love the glutamine addition which is so important for muscle recovery. I've also mixed it in with warm cereal for extra protein in my breakfast. - Heather V.

I just had some of your vanilla Whey protein...this is the best I've had in a while. More flavorful than some big name companies, and better priced at that! I'll definitely be purchasing some Hammer nutrition products. Looking forward to becoming a Hammer fan. - Jethro S.

When I discovered that my father ordered your product, (I research/go to school for Physiology/Nutrition), I spent over 30 hours researching available whey proteins online and now only use and recommend your product. Thank you for making such a quality product! It's in a league of it's own! - Evan Clark

Since returning to the triathlon sport after a 3 year break, I have found that the Chocolate Whey product has assisted with my recovery and helped me accomplish more in my training regime, especially on my heavy training days. I always feel fresh and ready to tackle the next training session. - Pete Vara

New Zealand World Cup Team Pursuit Gold Medalist: Throughout the season which has been one of my best ever, I contribute a major part of that due to the fact I could recover well from hard training sessions, which is where the Hammer Whey Protein and Recoverite came in as a huge part the recovery process, so I could get back up the next day and do it all again! - Jason Allen

I have tried many protein powders. The Chocolate Whey from Hammer is very good! I like to have a scoop with 1% milk and a banana blended every night and I found I wasn't as sore the next day. My 15 year old son is 6'1 195 lbs and is a sophomore who plays high school football. He is also drinking the Chocolate and/or Vanilla Whey now. He is also enjoying it, and says he is not as sore the next day. - Corrinne Wallace

Loving y'all and the smorgasbord of products you sent in my first order, already feeling and seeing the results. I'll add whey protein to the next order....gracias! - John R.

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