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Love you guys! I fractured my ankle in 3 places and dislocated it last year. Your Tissue Rejuvenator worked wonders in my healing! I was outta the cast within 5 weeks and walking with a removable brace. It healed so nice! You'd never know I had 3 fractures and a limp in my gate!! AWESOME! - April D.

Running is hard on the joints and body. Tissue Rejuvenator is the best product I have found to provide the necessary joint maintenance that is required as well as promote tissue recovery from injuries. I recently had my first ever Achilles pain and swelling so I took things easy and increased the use of Tissue Rejuvenator. Many runners fight Achilles issues for long periods of time and are not taking care of the joints which do not get much blood flow. By combing the right amount of rest and ice with Tissue Rejuvenator my worries were over within a month as I was back in my full workout schedule and had any recurrence. Thank you Hammer for this great product that I will continue to take every day! - Todd B.

I tore my calf muscle while training for the Houston marathon. The Dr.'s and Physical Therapist both said I would not be able to do the marathon without a lot of pain. However, I have been using the Tissue Rejuvenator in conjunction with the Hammer Balm, and I can say I am back to training for Houston as planned!!! Both are great products!! - Mandy M.

LOVE YOUR PRODUCTS! I have been injured, had surgery and am now back exercising again thanks to Tissue Rejuvenator and your vitamins. I can't say enough about how great your products are...keep up the good work and the science behind your products! - Lisa C.

Thank you so much for your prompt reply. I had my first real hour run today and early morning bike ride after cracking my femur with the artificial hip (fell off my MTNB 2 months, 2 days ago). And I wasn't any slower than before the crash! Endurolytes have helped my wife with migraines when out backpacking and hiking, especially in the heat. Considering all have been doing during my 61 years, my knees have been ok with Tissue Rejuvenator....I use it and my wife believes in it! - Clark T.

I recently went in for surgery and increased my Tissue Rejuvenator dose and my doctor couldn't believe how quickly his incision healed. He asked me what I was doing and I was able to give a testimonial to my doctor about Tissue Rejuvenator! - Warren V.

Just wanted to tell you I've been using Tissue Rejuvenator regularly, and upped it to the injury usage dose during a recent inflammation injury. Wasn't completely sure it was helping until I stopped... it was DEFINITELY helping!! So happy to have it!! And happy to be out running again with my Hammer Gel and HEED. - Tracy W.

25 years ago, I was hit by a car while running. I broke my neck and now my C6, and C7 vertebrate are fused. I had knee surgery for my ACL, MCL and had a plate with five screws temporarily put in my knee. For years, I took synthetic gluocosamine sulfate etc. which helped but never completely allowed me to be pain free. Luckily, I found you though a friend. Now, my injuries are non-existent except for the scars. Thank you, Hammer, for allowing me to be injury free and for such a wonderful product! I love your Tissue Rejuvenator! Now, I am able to bike and hike with peace of mind! - Judy B.

This summer I gave myself a fierce case of tendonitis in my left knee while attempting the Leadville 100 mile run. The real problem lied in the fact that I had Ironman Kona in 7 weeks and was now injured. I was very excited to have qualified for Kona this year and I didn't want anything to spoil my chances of doing this race. Having been thoroughly impressed with a wide range of Hammer products, I immediately ordered some Tissue Rejuvenator. I cut running almost entirely out of my training schedule and took 4 Tissue Rejuvenator capsules twice daily with my other Hammer supplements. Progress was gradual at first, but after 5 weeks (2 weeks before Kona) I was once again able to do long runs without any pain whatsoever! Thanks to Tissue Rejuvenator, I didn't miss my chance to finish on Ali'i Drive! I would strongly recommend this product to anyone battling tendonitis or other joint injuries. Thanks for keeping me healthy! - Will F.

This is great stuff, I'm training for the L.A. marathon, race is in 3 weeks and the Tissue Rejuvenator has really helped me not have any soreness or major pain in my right knee. Thanks! - Luis C.

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