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REM Caps Testimonials

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My husband has had insomnia for many years. He suffers from problems getting to sleep and falling back asleep. He has tried several natural and prescription sleep aids in the past to no avail. I asked him to try REM Caps, and to our absolute amazement he has been getting quality sleep for 6 weeks! He is relaxed and happy and I can see his stress level has decreased. Thank you! - Trish Mayhew

REM Caps are a great product. In addition to helping me fall asleep, the sleep I get is more restful. I am remembering dreams more which has always correlated to feeling better rested. Even on nights when I get to bed late I awake feeling good. Thanks! - Scott Eppelman

REM Caps really helped improved the quality of my sleep. I woke up feeling well-rested with unusually high energy levels for early morning workouts. - Matt Seeley, Triathlete

I have used REM Caps for 2 years. The caps enhance my quality of sleep while not making me drowsy. - Greg Mueller, Triathlete

I have tried a bunch of things from alternative sleep remedies to prescription drugs. The problem has not been so much getting to sleep as staying asleep, although sometimes I can't get to sleep either. So far nothing has worked as well as REM Caps. I have been sleeping right through the night. - Bill C

Our son is autistic, and we have recently discovered that REM caps enable him to sleep all night long, achieving deeper sleep and thereby not suffering from seizures at night. Our son was on several "harsh" medications before we used REM caps. We are much more comfortable giving our son a more "natural" way to achieve REM. Thanks to Hammer Nutrition! - Wade Ward

Tried the REM caps, and can't say enough good things. They worked so well last night! Thanks Hammer Nutrition! - Naomi H.

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