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Recoverite Testimonials

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Did Ironman Florida this weekend fueled by HEED, Hammer Gels, Perpeteum and Endurolytes. Happy with results taking almost two and a half hours off my first Ironman results from Louisville two months ago. Thanks to Recoverite for getting me through 2 full and one 70.3 Ironman event in three months. - Ramon S.

Hammer, thank you guys for everything! I have been using your stuff for 5 years! In the past year I have been training for IMKY and you have helped me on my journey! In March I blew out 3 discs in my back and lost the use and feeling from my waist down for 2 months, and had to learn to walk again. A month in the hospital, I drank Recoverite everyday, got back in the pool and started biking in June. Doctors can't believe where I am. I was supposed to be using a cane/walker for a year. I tell them it is because of my training and my nutrition plans that keep me healthy at all times! Thanks again Hammer, you guys are the best! - Marc E.

I have been using Recoverite for 4-5 months after being referred to you guys by a friend. The first thing I did after finishing a run was to mix it up and drink it to aid my recovery. I recently ran out of the product and decided that I would wait to buy more. Big mistake! For the first time in months I went out for a run and had a deep soreness in my legs! Needless to say, I will be placing an order soon. Thanks for the great product and service! - Matt F.

I use the products on 2-6 hour bike rides, They never leave me down! The Recoverite renews like no other! - Steven L.

2010 cycling season was short and ended in July after a crash in a race I had 4 broken ribs, separated shoulder and server concussion. I would like to give your Recoverite and Anti-Fatigue Caps mega props as I have been able to start training at 100% . I am transitioning to triathlons sprints and cyclocross racing and I am looking forward to a successful 2011 season and I know your arsenal of products will be there to give positive results. Thank You! - Matt H.

I LOVE every single product I have tried so far! I am so happy they are natural, and I love how good I feel when using them. This may sound odd, but I feel this harmonious 'just right' sense when I use Recoverite after a workout. It just feels like it's exactly what my body needs. I've been holed up most of this winter due to the snow and poor road conditions, but I can't wait to get back out on the roads again! - Tim J.

Recoverite has allowed me to train and race harder without needing days to recover. You take it for granted until you don't take it after a workout and see how sore you are the next day! Thanks Hammer! - Tim F.

Thanks for the awesome fueling support! After a month and a half I finally beat mononucleosis and I am back on the racing circuit, just finishing up a NorAm competition in Rossland, BC with fellow Hammer athletes Sadie Bjornsen and Katie Ronsse. I attribute a lot of my quick recovery to daily Recoverite and antioxidant supplementation during the illness. Now I'm psyched to get racing and put the Hammer down! Thanks again, guys!Photo © Rob Whitney
- Samuel N.

Thank you Hammer for making sure we are fueling properly for the NorAm Supertour skiing circuit! I rely on Hammer Gel before each race and re-fuel with Recoverite after each race. I've found that fueling and re-fueling well makes a huge difference, especially when we have 2-3 races in a row. Thanks for making the fueling process easy! - Katie R.

Recoverite has allowed me to workout harder every day and not be sore the next. You know it works when you miss it one day and you are sore the next! Thanks for a great product! - Tim F.

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