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I tried Race Day Boost for my first 12 hour solo endurance race recently. I live at sea level, and the race was at 6500' of elevation. I had done a training ride up there prior and had a lot of lactic acid burn in my legs. Well, race day came and went... I did 79 miles and 11,250' of climbing (9 laps) with absolutely NO lactic acid burn. I was amazed! Race Day Boost will definitely be on my protocol for my next endurance race. I'm a believer! - Stephanie Gaudreau

I have to tell you again how much I LOVE your products! I used Race Day Boost and Liquid Endurance prior to the Nationals last weekend (along with my normal Hammer race nutrition regimen) and I SWEAR your products deserve a big part of the credit for helping me achieve my roster spot for the world championships! The temps soared to 95 degrees and I did not succumb to the heat, as so many did. I still had legs left at the end of the race! I could not have done so well without the aid of Hammer products! - Sheri J. Noer

I lined up against a full field at the Tour de Ephrata this year knowing I had executed all aspects of my training plan. An integral component of the plan was Race Day Boost capsules. The convenient capsules helped provide that slight edge I was looking for and as a result I was able to stand on the podium. - Mike Hefner

Your Race Day Boost is amazing! I recently completed the Horribly Hilly Hundreds challenge ride in Wisconsin again. Using your product, I took 75 minutes off my time for the 100K version (it's actually 110K) - from roughly 5h 45m to 4h 34m. Not too shabby for a 63 year old! - William Tetrault

I have used Hammer Nutrition's Race Day Boost for many years during high intensity events. With race events such as half Ironman triathlons, Pro level World Duathlons and Elite wave marathons, R.D.B. powder is always the top supplement on my performance prep list. It has no negative side effects while providing outstanding oxygen utilization and endurance. HEED, Recoverite and Tissue Rejuvenator accompany R.D.B. in my training and competition prep kits. They're all safe and awesomely effective products for optimal performance and recovery. - Christine Hauger

I used Race Day Boost for the first time during the Fort Custer Stampede. I was very skeptical about the product since I've tried so many other brands with no success. I have to tell you that this product is amazing. I was finally able to break through to the next level of performance. I felt so much stronger and had so much more endurance than the race two weeks earlier. Race Day Boost is a must for any racer. - Christian Glupker

I used the Race Day Boost 4 day loading regime. It is very easy to use by mixing a teaspoon of the powder in a few ounces of warmed in the microwave water. It disolved completely and it was easy to drink down the warm water. This product helped me top off my Xterra season at both the National and World Championships with repeat victories in the Womens 50-54 age group. And my times were even faster than I posted last year. I had energy and power to spare. Race Day Boost will always be an integral part of the taper and peak for my top races. - Beverly Enslow

I'm writing to thank you for the amazing products you make! I recently tried Race Day Boost prior to the Denver Post Colfax marathon. I planned on using the marathon as a training run, but a mile into the race I knew I was going to have a fantastic day. Not only did I run a personal best, I placed 2nd overall for women. - Sarah Wetzel

The Fiesta Island Time Trial in San Diego, CA was my first ever time trial at the young age of 52. I finished 10th in my age group and was able to maintain 25 mph for 12.4 miles (20K). No doubt Race Day Boost lived up to it's advertisement. When I finished my legs were not even sore! I should have gone harder Thanks for great products and great service! - Harvey Lee

Just grabbed an age group win this past weekend in a USAT sanctioned sprint tri (with a pr). Thank you Race Day Boost, HEED, Hammer Gel, and Recoverite!! Onto the Bourbon Chase 200 mile relay in a few weeks.
Photo © Brice Burton

- Ricky F.

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