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PSA Caps Testimonials

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I have been using Saw Palmetto capsules for several years to help fight prostate enlargement and have had satisfactory results. Having had such good results with other Hammer products, when you announced your PSA caps I decided to try them. They are very effective! I have better results with the PSA than the Saw Palmetto alone. Thanks! - Mark Schmidt

I was diagnosed in 2006 with chronic prostatitis. My day to day life was affected in many normal, functional ways. I started taking PSA Caps and felt relief in my symptoms almost immediately. I shared the product with my urologist (who is also a triathlete) and he gave me a big thumbs up. After several months of taking PSA Caps, my life was literally changed. At one point I felt so much healthier it brought me to tears. - Ryan Ross

I am a 51 year old endurance cyclist who puts many hours in the saddle every week! Two years ago, I suffered an injury that caused an enlargement of my prostate, keeping me off the bike for one month. Since then, I have used PSA Caps to supplement my training and have put many thousands of miles and hundreds of hours on my bike. Wow, my prostate and I are happy! - Mark Rhode

I have been taking PSA Caps for over one year now. I take one capsule 1st thing in the morning and one right before bedtime. I have experienced a noticeable reduction in nighttime sleep interruption due to the need for urination. - Michael B. Shumway

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