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Premium Insurance Caps Testimonials

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I think that the Premium Insurance Caps are the reason that I haven't been sick for over a year now. I truly believe in this product. - Phil Z

I've used Premium Insurance Caps daily for the past few years. After taking Premium Insurance Caps for a little over a week, I noticed a marked change in my energy level. I do some form of exercise daily. Premium Insurance Caps help me recover from workouts and races and help me to feel my best everyday! - Melanie Mociun

As I reflect upon the last couple years I've spent racing, I realized that my best 2 seasons were the 2 years I was using Hammer Nutrition Products. The first was where I scored a personal record number of victories. The second was this year. I have finally reached a level of fitness that allows me to compete strongly against the professionals in the big races. Also I was healthier this year than in the past which I can only contribute to Premium Insurance Caps. - Torrey Marks

Thanks for the great products. I feel I should pass along that I've been taking Premium Insurance Caps for almost a year now and I have not gotten sick. In the past I have gotten a cold or been "out" with something for at least 2-4 weeks a year. As a result of the experience with Premium Insurance Caps, I'm trying out Race Caps Supreme. - Mark French

I received my shipment of Premium Insurance Caps today. My wife is now taking them twice a day (4 capsules at a time) and we go through a bottle fairly quickly. She has always had a hard time taking any kind of vitamin or mineral supplement as they would upset her stomach. She has had no problem with Premium Insurance Caps. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions. I can't say enough good things about Hammer's products and their people. - Chris Mangum

I have used many of your products thought the years with great success, however recently I put them to the best test ever. I used the Premium Insurance Caps during Chemo treatments and never got sick, not even a running nose!! Thanks for making such great products - Tom Phielix

I tried the Premium Insurance Caps + the Mito Caps per Steve's recommendation and WOW, the result is quite amazing! I feel I have higher energy levels from waking up and lasting all day and clear headed. I am now ordering for my boyfriend. I hope he will have the same experience especially in training for IM South Africa in April 2010. Thanks! - Pam

Since I've been taking Premium Insurance Caps, Race Caps Supreme, Mito Caps, Anti Fatigue Caps, daily I have not been sick. Before that I had pneumonia 12 times over a 15 year period. I don't know how these work but they work for me. I've never been so healthy since I stated using your products. Thank You! - Rebecca Jankovich

I love Hammer products and continue to recommend them to everyone I know. About a year ago my mom underwent radiation treatment for cancer. Shortly thereafter, she was placed on cancer drugs which sapped her energy. I had her start taking Premium Insurance Caps instead of her grocery store multivitamins and high quality fish oil. After a month with this singular change she stated she had energy for the 1st time in a year since her radiation treatment. Thanks for producing such a great product! - Annie W.

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