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Perpetuem Testimonials

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Did a 15 miler using Perpetuem...loved it!!! No GI issues that I always develop with other products. I AM SOLD!!!!! - Nancy Denham B.

Found out about you guys at a GNCC race about a year ago, now I use Perpetuem to keep me moving through the hills of Afghanistan. Thanks for making a great product and your support of all of us that are deployed! - Brian K.

I rode a 200k cycling event today and I followed Hammer's advice explicitly. My event started at 7am. Not eager to awaken at 3:30am in order to finish breakfast 3 hours before the event, I skipped breakfast and began fueling with Perpetuem about 10 minutes into the ride. I took about 4 Endurolytes an hour and sipped one 20 oz. bottle of Perpetuem an hour. Perpetuem and Endurolytes are the ONLY fuel source I used for over 125 miles on my bike today. Then I took in two servings of post-ride Recoverite in the first hour after the event. I feel great! Incredible. Thank you Hammer! You've made fueling easy, efficient, and effective! - Andy G.

As a triathlete I've been a dedicated user of Hammer Nutrition products and have always found your products to meet my needs and your customer service to be exemplary. Because of my experiences with your company I've advocated for Hammer to my friends and family, recently my avocation extended beyond the bounds of endurance sports. I recently had a family member undergo a bone marrow transplant for AML leukemia. A common post-transplant side affect is severe loss of appetite, loss of taste and nausea. Solid food was not an option so I suggested Perpetuem (orange-vanilla). We got the thumbs up from the medical team and wouldn't you know, it worked great. Given the ability to mix to one's nutritional needs, Perpetuem is helping to provide my family member with the caloric needs during the recovery process. We're also going to try Sustained Energy to change things up a bit. From my family, for reasons beyond athletic performance, thank you for your efforts and bringing to market fantastic products! - Casey M.

You guys are second to none! I just flew up a mountain, fueled by HEED and Perpetuem, and I'm not even tired! If possible, I'd love to try some more of your new flavors and products so that I can best recommend your products to my customers at REI Arcadia (California). And also I wanted to give a shout out to Jason from our store. Thanks for the samples last time - they were a huge hit and definitely boosted our hammer sales. Thanks again for being a wonderful company! - Matt C.

Thanks for such an AWESOME! UNREAL! FANTASTIC! line of products! I've tried every brand out there and with Hammer I hit the jackpot! Perpetuem and Hammer Bars are my religion! - Michele G.

Hammer products are working well. New to arsenal this year will be Perpetuem and Perpetuem Solids. After my nutritional meltdown at Ironman Florida last year I realized I need more calories and something with a little more substance. You guys supplied me with a sample of the Strawberry flavor and some of the solids, and both seemed pretty tasty. Needless to say I've ordered some and will institute them into my training. - Steven B.

Used Perpetuem during the Big Bend Ultra this past Sunday. Worked great. Easy to drink on the run. The strawberry-vanilla taste great, no after taste. Kept me going. Thanks! - David B.

I love all the detail that you guys give on your website and with your supplements. I was using Perpeteum this summer for a couple of century rides and people joked that I was made out of titanium because I didn't get tired - I completely credit Perpeteum for not bonking and being able to go and go. Thanks again for the great products! - Kari R.

I'm on deployment and fortunate enough to have time to train for an upcoming marathon. Not able to stomach the sweet gels, and getting minute returns from other so-called fuels, my training partner suggested Perpetuem to me. I have been using Perpetuem (unflavored) now for two months with exponential success. During a long run a few weeks ago I thought I'd test things out by mixing in a gel (not a Hammer gel) and cut back on the Perpetuem - bad idea. I could feel the difference in my late miles. I'm totally sold on using Perpetuem as my fuel for any endurance event. I will say the "unflavored" version tastes a bit like a certain malted wheat breakfast meal, which is fine by me - it's like drinking breakfast as you run. Thanks Hammer Nutrition for your fabulous products and the in-depth nutritional knowledge you supply. As long as I can run, I'll be fueled by Hammer Nutrition. - Brian H.

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