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Perpetuem Solids Testimonials

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Thanks so much for the great products! The Perpetuem Solids helped so much during my Goofy Challenge at Walt Disney World this weekend, as did the Tissue Rejuvenator and Super A/O and a buffet of other supplements. I was able to shave time off the combined times vs. previous years, and achieved my goal. Saw several Hammer kits on the course, and made sure to encourage with a 'Hammer On!' each time... Thanks again! - Kevin M.

By the way, the Perpetuem Solids are great- they are sometimes easier to carry on very long rides/runs (in excess of 5 hours) than the liquid because of weight and all you need is water. Thanks! - Tom F.

I no longer have to worry about spoilage! Best product out there on long bikes and runs. I'll be completing my 3rd IRONMAN this month using Perpetuem Solids, HEED, and Hammer Gel! Hammer On! - Connie P.

BTW...tried Perpetuem Solids. HUGE fan...not surprised. Really enjoying the scooby snacks and the convenience of them. - Cathy S.

By the way I love the solids, and have been using them on long rides/runs and telling people. Awesome way to improve a great product! - Ross S.

Tried the Perpetuem Solids for the first time at the Gorge Waterfalls 50k and loved them! So much easier than the liquid mix. Thanks! - Jeff M.

I love the solids, I live in a very hot climate and being able to quickly grab the Solids and no longer have to worry about mixing bottles at the office or having spoilage in our hot weather is awesome! - Brian C.

I used these skiing at Vail Yesterday, it was a great energy/food supplement. Ate about 3 hours prior and it made it so I did not get hungry or feel weak in the bumps and I skied for close to 5 hours! This is obviously a different style of exercise than a competitive race but a good use for the Solids. Not sure how you promote this type of activity and use, but they work great for it! - Patrick D.

I raced the 12 Hours in the Papago this weekend using Perpetuem Solids for the first time. Great product! - Rich M.

With regards to Solids and Endurolytes Fizz:  Wow! These are two great additions to your product line. They both travel perfectly on long rides and multi-day tours. Easy to use and they provide the same great nutrition. Thank You! - Leonard

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