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What an awesome tagline to the cover story on today's Athlete Education Series HEED: Finally, a tooth-friendly sports drink! As a dentist, I can't say enough about the MAJOR formula-advantage of this product (all Hammer products to be exact). I have been recommending this to my patients for a long time. I will certainly have this posted in my waiting room in the morning. Thanks Hammer folks! - Ricky F.

I have just had such a great experience with your products! The customer service and referral program is such a great way to get started with your products! You guys seem to really be concerned about us (the athletes) and just want us to be performing as optimally as we can. I love your HEED products and your clothing line! Great job and keep at it! - Ben M.

Went for a 9 mile trail run on Sunday that turned into 11 miles after a wrong turn. HEED and Hammer Gel kept me going strong through the whole time though! - Dan L.

A million thanks for your advice. I just returned from the cycling store where I've stocked up on HEED, Perpetuem and several other Hammer Nutrition products for this weekend's rides. The weather has been great for cycling. Thank you again for your amazing assistance and help. Your customer service is fantastic! - Naomi B.

Dear Hammer Nutrition, I have a love addiction with your HEED drink formula...I want to drink it all the time! How can I kick this dirty habit? Better yet, do I really want to? - Matt S.

I used the Hammer HEED, Perpetuem, Recoverite, and Hammer Gels during 2010. I'm prone to stomach sensitivity and typically find sports drinks containing protein to be sub par taste wise, particularly during warmer weather. I've had no stomach sensitivity and have been able to drink Perpetuem (orange) flavor during 2010, the hottest summer recorded in Washington DC in some time. The HEED tastes good without being too overpowering or sweet and is great for shorter events. Recoverite is part of my post training/racing routine to help me get ready for the next event. - Matt N.

Thank you so much for writing me back! I did get the HEED and the Hammer Gel and so far I LOVE Them! What an amazing product and all I have seen and heard from your company has been great reviews, you have been so helpful. Thank you for such great customer service. I can't wait to try the Recoverite and the rest of your products. - Arwa M.

Just wanted to say much I love HEED and your Hammer Gels. Got started in the gym a few months ago and started doing Les Mills "RPM" (spin) classes 3 times a week, which are super intense. I generally do about 2-2.5 miles on the treadmill for a warm-up and then about 30 minutes of weights before hitting the bike. A shot of Hammer "tropical" gel before and melon HEED during helps me get trough a super tough workout. Everyone in the class, including the instructor's, is amazed at my energy level and intensity throughout the routine. Couldn't do it without you. Also, HEED is a great product to use when sick. Had food poisoning a couple months back and HEED was the only liquid I could keep down. As you know, the biggest problem is hydration and electrolyte imbalance. HEED saved me. The other "sports drink" was killing me, would not stay down. Thanks for the great products. I recommend them to everyone. - Roger M.

Thank you Hammer for fueling me to a first place Cat1 (4th overall) finish at 12hrs of Temecula last weekend and a 2nd place pro/open finish 3 weeks early at 12hrs of Old El Paso. I have come to completely rely on heed, , hammer gels and a concoction of hammer supplements to successfully fuel me and keep me going strong in these longer endurance events. - Jonathan D.

Good news...I won the Quintiles Marathon yesterday and ran 2:59:07. I have never won a marathon before. HEED and Hammer Gel were my race fuels. I used them and Endurolytes. Super awesomeness! Never cramped, felt strong the whole way. Race of my life and Hammer helped me all the way! - Alice K.

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