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Soy Protein Testimonials

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Hammer Soy has been an integral part of my nutrition, allowing for substantial recovery from workouts. No additional additives and lack of taste makes it the perfect complement to a healthy diet to meet daily protein requirements. Mixed with orange juice, this "smoothie" is a staple in my breakfast after a morning workout. - Mark Simons

I use Hammer Soy almost every day in breakfast smoothies, recovery drinks, and even sprinkled over cereal or fruit. This product gives me high quality protein that I can count on to help my body adapt to training and gain strength and fitness. As usual, the mild taste and carefully controlled ingredients make it the best protein powder available. - Matt Seeley, Triathlete

The soy/gluten free products are great on my stomach and the complex carbohydrates are great for long lasting energy. I also enjoy the subtle taste that doesn't make me feel like I'm trying to down a bottle of syrup. This is the kind of product that every serious athlete should be using, especially those who care about what goes in their body. Thanks again!! - Brianne

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