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Hammer Gel Testimonials

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Just wanted to say your Raspberry Hammer Gel is best tasting gel I've ever had. Once I found the HN Gel it was game over. I no longer mess with any other gels. The HN Raspberry and Apple Cinnamon are among the best flavors out there. I also recently started taking the Endurolytes Fizz, another fine product by Hammer Nutrition. Besides training, I also take a water bottle with 2 Fizz to work. It helps keep my electrolyte level steady through the day and week. Keep producing more and more outstanding products and I will be a loyal customer for life! So Thank you! - Nick V.

Hammer Gels are awesome! Thanks again for all the Hammer has done for this project. You definitely have a lifetime customer and many more to join, since my swim. They can't believe what it can do to make endurance events like this a success! - Josh H.

I recently won a 33.6 mile ultra trail run using Hammer Gel and HEED as my fuel and felt stellar. I ran a 3:41:25 for a repeat victory and new course record! Thanks again! - Chris G.

Got my order of Raspberry Hammer Gel & all the free info & sample products today. My family & friends will be repeat customers. Thank You! - Rob M.

I love, love, love the strawberry-vanilla Perpetuem and the Montana huckleberry gels; they will be the fuel that will get me through my winter 100 miler in 10 days! And thank you for supporting the winter Beast of Burden 100-miler/24 hour run ... it will be great to have your fuel out there! - Chris R.

I wanted to contact you to thank you for making such a great product as the Hammer Gel. As a person who had gastric bypass, sugar is an enemy for me. Products with too much sugar (typically over 9 grams) not only upset my stomach, but also give me sweats and a headache. Something I do not want when I am running a 1/2 marathon. It was a constant battle until I came across your product. Not only does it taste great, but with the low amount of sugar in each pack, I no longer worry about performance issues due to an upset stomach. - Jill J.

As an avid runner and triathlete I have used GU gel and Cliff Shots for more than 10 years. They were the products I used for my first marathon, I finished the marathon, so I kept on using it. Last year I received a Hammer Gel in a triathlon race packet. Shortly after the race I was preparing to do a long run and thought I'd try out the Hammer Gel. The flavor was great, not too sweet. I didn't get the expecting side-ache or stomach cramp and my energy sky-rocketed. I felt so good and so strong through the rest of the run. I was amazed at your product. Ever since then, I use nothing but Hammer Gel and I am never disappointed with its results and my sustained performance whether I am running, biking, or swimming. This season, I am looking forward to incorporating more Hammer Nutrition products into my training regime. Thanks for a great product and for supporting my endurance sports. - Jessica V.

I am an amateur cyclist who recently ordered a variety of Hammer Nutrition fuels and sports drinks. I want to let you know how happy I am with your line of nutrition products, especially the Hammer Gels, Hammer Bars and HEED drinks. The flavor and consistency are superb, and the packaging makes it easy to consume while on the go. I love your products! - Lisa P.

Hammer gel was a key factor in helping me complete my first marathon, the original, in Athens, Greece this past October! Thanks! - Dmitri

Let me start out by saying - I love your Hammer Gel! I use Hammer Gels during my long runs, and during my half marathon last week. Love them! Please keep producing the apple-cinnamon gel flavor forever! - Cheryl H.

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