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Hammer Bars Testimonials

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I'm a triathlete from Seattle, WA. Earlier this year I was diagnosed with a gastrointestinal problem which requires a wheat-free and low sugar diet. My foremost concern at the time was the impact on my training. Luckily my coach Angela Naeth suggested Hammer Nutrition. I've been using the Hammer Bars, Perpetuem, and caffeine flavor Hammer Gel. They have kept me fueled better than any other sport food out there, but more importantly I've had no adverse GI reactions! Truly amazing. Your company has done nothing short of saving my beloved sport! Thanks! - Adrian S.

Hammer Bars are DELICIOUS! I'm so proud you're from/in Montana, my home state! Tasted one here in NYC & felt lucky to discover you! - Jana L.

I simply love all of your products, the Hammer Bar, the Endurolyte powder and the Hammer Gel. I am 37 and always felt like dying after trying to run, but since I bought your products, I feel much stronger and have kept a steady program so far. So thank you so much for all your great products. Will recommend for everybody that I know and surely continue being part of the great Hammer Nutrition family! - Marylyn R.

I just want to say that I am very happy with your product and how it has helped me with my performance in running. I just started training for triathlons and will use your products as well. A friends of mine, who is an elite rower, directed me to your products. I have used HEED and Hammer Bars and Hammer Gel to get me through my running races. I will do my first marathon next month and will also do my first sprint triathlon the next week after. I am so sold on your product to help me through my training and my races with good success and no cramps or bonking. Thank you for your product! - Sheryl P.

My uncle (marathon runner, next stop NY marathon) and my Dad (cross fit buff and road/trail race runner) now buy your products regularly just outside of Boston. They love the Hammer Bars and Endurolytes especially! - Joanna B.

I just wanted to drop you guys a line and say thanks for a great ordering experience. It was quick and easy and I appreciate the free samples that were thrown in. I have to say, I was highly skeptical of the Coconut Cashew Hammer bar, but it was insanely good. I plan to order more soon. Again, just wanted to say thanks.. you guys have a new customer! - Jonathon B.

Making Chocolate Chip bars this good should be illegal. Stop it! : ) - Jason W.

I picked up a box of the Cashew Coconut Chocolate Chip Bars and they are awesome! Generally, I do not eat solid foods on my rides but I thought that I would give them a try. They chew very easy and taste great. The size is also a big plus. These bars are not too big so they don't take up much space in the jersey pockets and they also fit in the mouth easy. No need to bite from one side and then the other like those Cliff things. Opening the package is also very easy to do with sweaty hands. Well thought out idea...leave it to the folks at Hammer to do their homework! - Anthony P.

Rode 30 miles of hills today, fueled by a Hammer Bar & HEED. 6 10+% grades with plenty of energy. 35 degrees. Had Recoverite afterward and feel great! - Jim DeVries

I want to thank you for your nutrition bars--as a runner with Celiac having gluten-free fueling options is a must! You've made my life so much easier! And I even travel with the bars, too! - Kim N.

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