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Hammer Balm Testimonials

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I bought myself the small Hammer Balm to try out, and I'm thoroughly impressed! I have used many Arnica rubs and similar products in the past, and feel that Hammer Balm is the best product of its kind that I have ever used! Thanks for such a great product. - Grant Berry, Pro Mountain Biker

I love this stuff! I have been using Hammer Balm after my long runs (2+ hours) in preparation for a marathon. My legs would be sore and tired, but after rubbing in the Hammer Balm I feel re-energized and ready to go again. The balm feels good going on and helps with self massage. Thanks again for another great product! - Richard M, Triathlete

On the advice from a friend I bought Hammer Balm and it has been amazing. I have been suffering on and off for the last 7 years from a chronic hip and IT band injury. I used Hammer Balm after the last flare up, and I have been running and cycling pain free for the past month. In fact, I attribute my recent half iron PR (by 72 minutes!) to being pain free, thanks to Hammer Balm. I'd rather use Hammer Balm than NSAIDS any day! Thank you for another high quality product! - Heather Romano

Just a word to those who haven't tried Hammer Balm: it's wonderful. I speak as a compulsive user of balms, ointments, salves, and heat rubs - I've tried them all, and this made me throw the rest away. It looks expensive, but the tiniest bit suffices. It's like buying 50 massages in a little can. - Jay Rawlins

Hammer Balm... music to my ears! Alright maybe to my quads... Proud to have been lovin' Hammer products for almost a decade! - Dottie Hodges

I have been a Hammer user for over 15 years and have used just about every product. I have a new favorite, Hammer Balm. I had two shoulder surgeries within 18 months and have used it as I got back into training & racing. Not only does it help warm up the area at the beginning of a workout, but it greatly reduces the pain. Another quality product from the Hammer folks. Thank you!! - Julie Kaplan

As an endurance athlete and a Certified Massage Therapist, I personally and professionally endorse Hammer Balm for minor and major injuries, soreness, etc. I am convinced that Hammer Balm played a central role in my healing from two significant mountain biking wrecks last season and it's kept my rolling-prone ankles happy as I've amped up my mileage for my first trail ultra. Thank you Hammer for another great NATURAL product from a great company! - Susanna Greever

I love your Hammer Balm. I've had issues with my Achilles tendons for a few years, and have tried everything to make them feel better. Hammer Balm has worked for them. Don't ask me WHY it works, I just know it does! - Kevin Y.

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