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I use Energy Surge before an intense part of my workout or race. Energy Surge has really helped to get up those long climbs and sprints. I am getting ready to do the Silverman in Las Vegas and I have been able to increase my speed and duration of climbing. I feel very confident going into the race. - Sal Castro

This was the first time I used Energy Surge and WOW it is wonderful. After the race I had not one sore muscle in my body at a message 3 days later which is very unusual for me. I can only attribute it to Energy Surge, since it was the only thing I did different. I completed 9 laps and was 2nd solo woman with 14 hours of racing. During this race many riders passed me and said I was a real inspiration and was riding great. I always told them I owed it all to Hammer Nutrition. - Wendy Skean

I think they work great! I am trying to run a PR of 3:15 for my next marathon (age 47) and it's beginning to look like I may be able to run it even faster. I use a lot of the hammer products and I have never been disappointed. - Molly

Hey guys, stop letting every one know about Energy Surge! These guys are my competition and I really wanted to keep this my secret! I first used it while doing the Furnace Creek 508. It did not give me back my legs on Day 2 at 350 miles, but while climbing to the summit at Sheephole Pass, I was passing everyone on the road. I am doing a 24-hour race this weekend with my sons. We’ll be bringing two bottles of Energy Surge to help us keep riding strong. - Randy Profeta

I’ve had very good success with Energy Surge. I always have trouble with the fast mountain bike starts so I’ll take 2-3 about 15 minutes before the start. I also take a couple before big climbs, and I’ve used them in RAAM qualifiers so they work for long events. - Rob Lucas

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