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I just completed a 4,000-mile cross country bike tour. Rather than use the sports drink that was supplied by the tour company, I chose to use only water supplemented by Endurolytes. Combined with regular SAG stops, where I could get additional food and water, this was all I needed. I never suffered from cramps or bonking! Thanks Hammer Nutrition! - Phil Young

Ran my 1st Ultra Race this past weekend, Buffalo Run 50 Miles. In which I use Hammer Nutrition ENDUROLYTES every hour on the hour. Thank you for a wonderful product that help me cross the finish line! - Adrian T.

You guys already know how great Endurolytes are, but I'm going to tell you anyway. This morning I forgot my little pouch with Endurolytes. I was an hour into my hilly ride when I reached for the pouch for my first capsule, and no pouch. I had HEED and Hammer Gel, so I figured, no worries, I'll be OK. Wrong. The temperature was already close to 90 F with a dew point of 63 F, making for a hot, muggy ride. As I proceeded up Mt. Lemen, my legs began to cramp. I felt like there was concrete in my legs. I drank my HEED and had some Hammer Gel, which helped, but the missing component was obviously Endurolytes. Having done this same ride many times before, using Heed, Hammer Gel and Endurolytes, I could clearly see what a difference one Endurolyte capsule each hour makes. After I got home, Recoverite and a couple of Endurolytes got me feeling just fine in no time. Thanks, Hammer Nutrition! - Sheila F.

Last year while racing in Ironman Florida, as I was heading out on the bike portion, I hit a pothole which ejected my entire supply of Endurolytes. Unfortunately, I was feeling competitive at the moment, and just let it go. I had a good bike, but when I got off, I had cramps in every muscle in my legs, plus in my abdomen. I was in extreme pain, but soldiered through the first 13 miles the best I could. At the run special needs station, I got to my stash of Endurolytes and started taking them. It wasn't 15 minutes later, I felt great, and had a wonderful run for the last 12 miles. In my book, THAT'S OUTSTANDING! - Rick G.

Endurolytes saved me this weekend! I was racing my first half Ironman, cruising along fine through the bike leg and onto the run. Then, out of the blue, I got a wicked cramp in my hamstring, couldn't even walk. Took a couple of Endurolytes and within a minute or so, I was back in the race. I made sure to take a few more over the next hour and I was able to finish with no problem. Thank you! - Rich M.

The endurolytes rock! I am so stoked on them. I did a sprint adventure race (50k) at the end of September. My teammate and I popped a few endurolytes back each hour. We both swear that the cramping issues we've had in the past were dealt with via the hammer product. See the attached photo of us at the finish line. We placed 15th out of 103 teams. Thanks HAMMER!! - Trevor M.

I won the women's division of the 24 hours for Hank exclusively on Hammer Perpetuem, Endurolytes, and lest we forget RACE CAPS! My first 24 hour event, no leg cramps, never hungry and I could've ridden another 100 miles! Thanks!
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- Sharon H.

I was turned on to Hammer Nutrition when I did my first 100mi bike ride in 2007. I had always struggled to get past the 3hr point till I tried a combo of Endurolytes, Perpetuem, and HEED. Despite 10,000ft of climbing and 30mi further than I'd ever previously cycled, I finished as 1st Female, and youngest rider! So my heartfelt thanks to Hammer, who have opened up the ultra-endurance world to me, and given my life a wonderful new dimension. I never miss a chance to rave about your products!  Photo © Gentil Smith
- Rachel R.

As we've been having a hotter than usual summer here in the SE with regular ride temps in the upper 90's, I've been placing a high value on my supply of Endurolytes. I love the ability to customize how much I consume by adding it directly to the liquid I am drinking. Combined with additional intake of the capsule form, I can make sure I am staying ahead of the curve in replenishing my electrolytes when I need it most. This summer I've come to rely on Endurolytes to keep me going strong in the heat and to avoid muscle cramps. - Josh Whitmore

Nancy Guth (60) and Mary Florian (61) established the first 60+ two person female record for RAAM 2011: 9 days, 13 hours crossing. Nancy attributes her success to constant use of Endurolytes, in every drink her crew mixed and every cup of oatmeal she consumed! Nancy and Mary continued strong through 118 degree heat in some states and never had a cramp in 9 days! Thank you, Hammer! - Mary F.

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