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Chromemate Testimonials

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Chromemate feels like a miracle for me. I am finally able to live my life. I used to always have to have something handy, on a run, errands, whatever, because my blood sugar drops like a stone. A few times I've even had double vision. I am slender and work out 2-4 hrs daily triathlon training. As far as I'm concerned Chromemate is awesome! - Molly Grygiel

Because of Chromemate, I now continuously have a clear mind and a high energy level. My physical performance is improving and my recovery is remarkable. - Wiley Lisonbee

In the first day or two of using Chromemate, I instantly noticed that I didn't have the sugar cravings that I normally have. I also noticed while I am at work, I don't go through the "sleepy times" I normally go through. It is nice to go through my work day with a constant energy level! - Timari Pruis

I am amazed how the Chromemate really works keeping my sweet tooth at bay. Usually I am always craving for some Swedish Fish or other related junk food. Taking one of these pills 3 times a day with meals has really made this sweet tooth disappear! I am absolutely amazed with the result of this product! - Eric Model

I started training this season weighing 218 pounds, with the goal of dropping 20-25 pounds. I took on a healthier more natural diet, and started taking Chromemate to improve my insulin efficiency. Since I started a regiment of Chromemate, I now have stable energy levels, no 3pm fade at the office, better results from training, and I'm 18 pounds lighter after 2 months! Thank you Hammer! - Jon Anderson

Chromemate has helped me stay motivated while training. I take a Chromemate capsule with Recoverite after each workout and before lunch. Chromemate has provided me with a great abundance of energy. I do not have that late afternoon crash and I have the energy for my evening training sessions. The product is as described. If you are looking for that edge to stay motivated and have enough energy for training, Chromemate is your answer. Thank you! - Chris Armoreda

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