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Boron Testimonials

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For me, Boron is one of the many links in maximizing the overall health of my body, which leads to better workouts and recovery. - Scott Ward

I take Boron with my after workout/race meal. It is a key supplement to staying healthy and having strong bones. With large training volumes or intense efforts, your body needs all its minerals to stay balanced. Boron helps fill that void! - Cameron Holland

One of my staff members at work has struggled with osteoporosis and bone density loss. She had long been advised to use calcium supplements but with modest results. In searching the Hammer Nutrition forums we found that Boron enables much better absorption of the calcium. She became a Hammer customer and is enthusiastic about the results. She swears by Boron and has become another "Hammer Believer" Thanks for your great products! - Robert E. Graf

Being an athlete who is past the 45+ mark, I really a lot on anti-oxidants and proper recovery methods. In addition, as we age the testosterone level goes down a lot in us men. Supplementing with Boron helps me keep my levels up to make for not only better training and racing, but a better energy level in general. - Jake Brindle

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