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Anti-Fatigue Caps Testimonials

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I have used the Anti-Fatigue Caps with great results on my workouts. I always find your responses helpful with the knowledge to back it up. Keep up the great work, helping us to maintain healthy and fit bodies with winning performances. - Jan

I tried your Anti-Fatigue Caps during a half-marathon this weekend. On a cold and windy half-marathon in Indianapolis I was able to PR by nearly 3 minutes - finishing in 1:35:45. Anti-Fatigue Caps is a great product that I will add to my arsenal for future races. Thanks! - Dan Elddine

Since I have a complicated case of Lyme disease, I'm often very tired. I wanted to ride recently but I was feeling blah and too exhausted. I tried some Anti-Fatigue caps and within an hour, I was not only rippin' but I beat a guy up a climb who had on his Hammer jersey as well! THANKS to the nutrition, I was Hammerin'! - Moriah Cameron

I love the Anti-Fatigue Caps! They make me feel as great as a crisp sunny day while riding on the blue ridge parkway. I think I could climb forever. - Jennifer Vincenzo Mclucas

Thanks again, and I truly thank you for your Anti-Fatigue caps. I had mono about 2 years ago and was since diagnosed with "chronic fatigue syndrome" and deal with it everyday. I started cycling about 10 month ago. I tried your product and have found that the Anti-Fatigue Caps really do make a noticeable difference with my day to day energy. I really noticed when I ran out of the Anti-Fatigue Caps over a week ago! I should be good for another 3 months now. - Jeremy Langham

I have competed in marathon and sprint canoe racing since 1972. 2006 is the first year I have used Hammer products. In my thirty plus years of racing the Safari I have always had the "Safari smell". It is a commonly discussed phenomenon among the racers. I did not believe my team mates when they claimed Anti-Fatigue Caps eliminated this smell. This year is the first year I did not experience the "Safari smell". - Pat Petrisky

I used Anti-Fatigue caps on my 1/2 Ironman this past weekend and they worked GREAT! I was getting tired on the bike, and then started taking one every hour as suggested, and I started to feel better very quickly. I had a PR for the bike leg of my race and a PR for the entire race as well...I cut off almost 20 minutes!! - Kristy Klein

Anti-Fatigue Caps blew me away! Honestly, this wasn't my event so I looked at it like a really long training event. I decided to give Anti-Fatigue Caps a try. No muscle fatigue or soreness after 15+ hours? Amazing. - Matthew Zeier

I produce a bunch of ammonia when I train. The odd thing is that its not just when I go long distances, it can be a 3 mile run in the middle of the winter, or a 45 minute ride, etc. I recently purchased the Anti-Fatigue Caps and sure enough they prevent the ammonia smell. Yes! - Mike Mcgee

Last weekend I completed back to back double centuries with the help of Hammer Anti-Fatigue Caps. All I have to say is WOW!! My legs never felt fatigued at all. At the end of the day and the end of the ride, I still had plenty of miles left in my muscles. I have been a long time user of Race Day Boost and the Anti-Fatigue will be an awesome addition to my ultra-distance supplementation. My only regret is that I haven't started using sooner! Thanks again for putting out such superior products and allowing me to push myself just that much harder! - Anthony P.

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