Problem Solver

Problem Solver

Our Problem Solver will help you find answers to common exercise related problems. For more in depth articles see our Knowledge Base.
Welcome to the Problem Solver

Welcome to the Problem Solver

Getting Started with Hammer Nutrition

A must read for all athletes beginning their preparation for a specific race or event, or just developing their workout/training program. Follow these simple steps and we guarantee your performance will achieve new heights.

Problem Solver Bonking

Product Usage Chart

A helpful guide to selecting the right fuels for the right event.

Recovery Thumb


Endurance athletes are training longer and harder than ever before which requires longer recovery time. So how do I recover faster?

Cramping Thumb


Why am I cramping and how can I eliminate it? Learn about the common causes and approaches to prevention.

Dehydration Thumb


I always seem to be dehydrated, what can I do about it?

Stomach Distress Thumb

Stomach Distress

I have stomach problems during a race, including but not limited to cramping and nausea.

Stiff Joints Thumb

Stiff Joints

My joints are stiff and achy, what can I do about it?

Problem Solver Bonking


Learn how to prevent yourself from bonking - overexertion or running out of energy during a workout or race.