What is the referral program?


Tell a friend about us and everyone wins! They get 15% off of their first order. You get 25% of the subtotal of that same first order credited to your account.

We offer many ways for our clients to promote the Referral Program

Use the email form on the Referral Program Promotion page and send your friend(s) a message. You need to include your client number in this process.

Check your magnet, catalog or any mailers we've sent you- there is a 4-6 digit number above your name- that's your client ID.

If you have a web site, blog or store and wish to advertise Hammer Nutrition's 15% first time order program, you can build your own referral link using the following template: where "xxxxx" is your customer number.

If you wish to use an image to link to our site with then please visit our Logos page.

If you need further assistance, please email
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Referral Program - Refer a friend, get Hammer Buck$!