What Hammer Nutrition products are suitable for vegans?


We use the term "Vegan Friendly" to describe any Hammer Nutrition fuel or supplement that is in accordance with vegan-specific dietary guidelines, meaning that it does not contain or is comprised of any animal products.

Hammer Whey, Recoverite, and Hammer Whey Recovery Bars contain dairy-derived whey protein isolate; they are the only fuels to contain animal-derived nutrients.

None of the other Hammer Bars contain any ingredient from animal sources; however, Hammer Bars that contain chocolate chips are not listed as "Vegan Friendly" because the manufacturer makes them on shared equipment that also makes dairy chocolate. According to the manufacturer, the bars are made "in our own certified organic and kosher facility (which is exceedingly rare in this business). We also thoroughly clean the machines between productions. However, there may be trace amounts (in extremely low PPM (parts per million) of dairy. Otherwise, our chocolate chips are dark chocolate and are non-dairy."

Technically, these particular Hammer Bars could be listed as being vegan, but the manufacturers are extremely conscientious when it comes to "truth in labeling," as are we at Hammer Nutrition, which is why they chose to not list the bars that contain non-dairy chocolate chips as being vegan.

Two Hammer Nutrition supplements contain animal-originating nutrients. One is EndurOmega, which is comprised of fish oil and whose capsules are made of bovine gelatin. The other is Tissue Rejuvenator; the glucosamine sulfate, chondroitin sulfate, and UC Type II collagen contained in the product are highly purified but are still of animal origin. Additionally, any of the fillers we use in the encapsulated products are not of animal origin and, aside from EndurOmega, only vegetable capsules are used.

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