I want a blended coffee

By Philip Howeth

Coffee Corner

The rich history of coffee dates as far back as the 15th century. From its origins in Ethiopia, to the Indonesian islands and over to Central and South America, the coffee plant has made its way around the globe. Within these diverse regions, we consumers are blessed with a variety of flavor profiles that are often at the opposite ends of the spectrum. While Sumatran coffee from Indonesia boasts a smooth, strong body with low acidity and perhaps an earthy character, you will find a bright, lively, clean flavor to most Central and South American varieties. Each regional coffee stands well on its own; however, blending such varieties together can result in an incredibly well-balanced cup. 53x11 displays a perfect example of this with The Early Break!

The Early Break is a blend of Central, South American, and Sumatran beans. Five different countries come together to offer you incredible flavor in a medium roast. The diversity and different characteristics of these territories result in a perfectly cohesive blend. This blend is ideal for a medium roast. The individual characteristics are still apparent and the cup has a nice, nutty finish.

From the discriminating coffee lover who analyzes every sip, to the occasional drinker, The Early Break is guaranteed to satisfy! HN

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