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At Hammer Nutrition our belief is that a product, no matter how good it might be, loses its value significantly if it's not supported with the highest quality customer service and knowledge resources. The latter, knowledge resources, is what this section of the web site is all about, and it's here where you'll find an unsurpassed range of information covering a wide range of topics, including fueling and supplementation recommendations, general health issues, and product usage information... all designed to help you achieve peak performance. Our efforts to bring you the most comprehensive-yet-usable information never ceases, so check this page often for updates.

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Getting Started with Hammer Nutrition
A must read for all athletes beginning their preparation for a specific race or event, or just developing their workout/training program. Follow these simple steps and we guarantee your performance will achieve new heights.
Getting Started with Hammer Nutrition

The top 5 issues you need to understand as you begin your training or race preparation.

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We offer a vast library of information on electrical muscle stimulators. Learn the basics, usage tips, as well as advanced training schedules.

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Sugar and the Mind: Does sugar impair memory? According to rat studies conducted at Georgia State University, apparently so. Adult rats were given diets of either 0-percent or 60-percent fructose and ran through a water maze to test performance. The short version: the fructose impaired the rats ability to remember the location of the target platform. Read More
Recovery - A crucial component for success: Training causes physical stress and depletion. Recovery is when adaptation to that stress occurs; it involves improvements not only in muscle performance, but also in glycogen storage. Read More
Dietary Fructose and Fructose Containing Sweeteners Negatively Impact Health: Consuming as little as 40-50 grams or slightly over 1.5-ounce fructose over a 10 hour period may increase blood pressure, blood triglycerides, reduced insulin binding & insulin sensitivity, and increase fat weight gain. The disturbing fact is that the general population has been consuming more than that amount every day for the past 34 years. Read More
The Endurance Diet: Some foods transfer calories more efficiently producing more energy to meet the extraordinary demands imposed by extreme endurance exercise. The "Best" diet is the one that supports healthy cardiovascular function including implications for longevity and quality of life. It is now known that specific menu orders either a reward or an unnecessary harmful consequence. Read More
Cycling Perfomance Physiology: An Analysis of What Makes a Good Rider: This paper reports some, but not all, of the physical requirements determined to increase maximal cycling performance? The answer is complex when one seeks to determine what specific physiological characteristics change a good athlete into a great athlete. Read More
I just wanted to say that you have a great website with plenty of good information which is easy to get to. I am a novice to cycling and have many questions which look like they can be answered with your Knowledge Base and Problem Solver. This is my first order of hopefully many more to come. It is refreshing that you supply the needed information that makes one feel justified in spending the money to improve performance.
--Loren Larson
The information you have given and the articles I read through your website have given me great perspective on ultra endurance nutrition. I realize more and more why nutrition is the most important thing in my boat when going beyond a 6 hour race. Thank you for your incredible customer service and prudent advice. I'm going to stack up with more fueling and smarter racing.
--Cody Ackermann
Being an avid runner and cyclist I can not say enough about the quality of Hammer products. I have used other brands on the market and was left with GI cramping, energy crashes and dehydration. Hammer Perpeptuem, Anti-Fatigue Caps, and Endurolytes also helped me finish my first Chicago Marathon last fall. I thank you to no end for providing the highest quality products, staffing knowledgeable team members, and providing customers with essential knowledge to have successful and enjoyable adventures. I am a Hammer customer for life, thanks again!
--Stacie Holmes
Although I trained extensively for the 125km Canadian Death Race, the CDR was by far the hardest thing I have ever done. The fuels and supplements I ordered from Hammer Nutrition and used throughout the race kept me going... for all 22 hours of the race! Additionally, the knowledge section of your site was invaluable in teaching me exactly how to treat my body before, during and after the race. I will definitely be recommending your products and your knowledge to everyone I know. Thanks again for all the help!
--William Kearney
I'm a scientist and the major reason that I use Hammer products is that you base your products on hard-core science and provide references for all of your claims and statements. Keep up the good work, and please retain your objective, scientific approach to providing and improving your products.
--Wayne Vedeckis